All Eyes on Carr

Dennis Allen and the Oakland Raiders front office are steadfast in their belief that Matt Schaub will remain the starting quarterback heading into week 1 of the regular season.  The Raiders traded for Schaub in the offseason in order to replace the departed Matt Flynn under center. That shouldn’t’ be difficult to do, right? Apparently it is, as Schaub has been less than impressive in his preseason debut. I guess he has been  better at the position than the inept Flynn a year ago.  Many believe that with a solid showing during the fourth preseason game against the Seahawks this weekend, that Carr may be able to pull the starting QB position away from Schaub.  It may take a few regular season games of Schaub struggling before the Raiders decide to pull him in favor of the rookie, so it should be an interesting position to watch as the regular season gets under way.

With Carr missing the third preseason game, his chances of winning the starting job were hurt, but he may be able to redeem himself during the preseason finale in Oakland. If he can play well, and be precise against an insanely good Seattle defense, then you can’t help but wonder how the coaching staff could ignore the idea of making him the starter over Schaub.

“We want to see Derek [Carr] play,” head coach Dennis Allen said. “We want to give him an opportunity. Obviously, missing the Green Bay game (with sore ribs), that was part of the developmental process, so we want to be able to see him get in there and play. I plan on seeing a lot of snaps out of Derek.”

Carr, excited about the opportunity, explains his thoughts, “The more that I can be out there, the happier I’ll be,” he said. “That’s why we work so hard in the offseason. That’s why you spend so many hours here before anyone’s here. That’s why you do all those things, because you want to go out there and help the team win. I’ll be looking forward to it.”

Coach Allen said he is always willing to start the best player, regardless of contract or pedigree, however right now, he believes that person is Schaub.  Carr will do everything he can to prove he is the one that deserves to be the starter, and he has already been impressing the coaching staff.  “The guy’s comfortable in the huddle,” offensive coordinator Greg Olson said. “The game’s not too big for him. I still believe that he sees the field very well. I don’t think the game’s too fast for him, which a lot of times, that’s a big concern with a rookie quarterback. But he’s done some really nice things in some of the preseason games in terms of his pocket presence.”

It all comes down to being ready when his number is called.  All it takes is one play, and Carr could be on the field leading the Raiders offense.  Is Carr ready?  “I have to be,” Carr said. “Again, I do everything selflessly. I do it for my teammates. I come out here and I work as hard as I can so I know when my number, if it has to be called, I’ll be ready to help us win.”

The quarterback position in Oakland continues to be the most watched by the fans, and it will no doubt remain that way for the next few weeks.

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