Host a night in with the Raiders, a poker game and good food

When the Raiders are playing, this is a good excuse to make a night of it and invite your friends around for the whole evening. Make sure that you know what time the game will start and that you are able to watch it on your television. If you live outside of the United States, perhaps somewhere like France, then make sure that you will be able to watch the game, by subscribing to the right passes online or finding the right channels on your television. Also, take into account the time difference between where the Raiders are playing and where you are in France. Have everyone arrive a little earlier than the game begins, so that you can all catch up on each other’s lives before the action kicks off. Then get comfortable, make sure that everyone else has somewhere to sit, and enjoy supporting your team. Prepare some food that you can all eat either before or during the game and then have a plan for what to do once the game has finished.

One thing that you could do to keep the evening going, is to start up a game of poker. This is always an entertaining game and you can vary it depending on the skill-level of the players. For example, if you are all used to playing the game on the website, then you will all know the rules and can play for higher stakes. However, if you or others in your group are new to the game of poker, then you can play for low stakes and take the game slowly. Whichever way you are playing, you will need some good quality, poker-sized playing cards and poker chips, as well as a good, comfortable table that everyone can sit around during play.

With regards to the food that you will be serving on the night, there are many different things that you could choose from. If you are indeed in France, then why not take advantage of being there and delve into some great French food. French cheeses are great served with crackers and chutney and are easily eaten as finger food. Something that is both easy to prepare and easy to eat is ideal, as your guests will most likely want to focus on the other entertainment that is going on. You could also serve a variety of other nibbles, like chips and dip, cocktail sausages or chips. Finger food is the best choice, as you won’t want to be bothering with a sit-down meal. However, as long as you are eating before the game of poker, you could always order food like pizza or noodles, so that everyone can have what they want and you don’t have to prepare anything.

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