Week 7: Oakland Raiders Host the Jacksonville Jaguars


Photo by: Ric Tapia/Icon SMI

This week at 4:25pm EST, the Oakland Raiders will be hosting the Jacksonville Jaguars at O.CO Coliseum. This game comes one week after the Oakland Raiders were barely defeated by the undefeated Atlanta Falcons. Although professional athletes and coaches will never tell you that a loss was a moral or emotional victory, Raiders fans must be hopeful that their battle against the Falcons has given the Raiders a boost of confidence and they will now turn their season around. For the Oakland Raiders, they need more than hope, they need a win, if they lose and their record drops to 1-5, they might as well pack it in because it will be another that was over before it even began. However, I’m not going to start writing about what could have been, because the Raiders are still in a position where they can turn things around with a win against the Jaguars.

This game will feature two of the leagues best running backs, Maurice Jones-Drew of the Jaguars, who has been putting up impressive numbers, albeit his touchdowns, and Darren McFadden of the Raiders, who is averaging an unimpressive 3.2 yards per carry. The Raiders will need their run defense to show up today, and they will need to not only stop the run, but to get pressure on Blaine Gabbert, who has not been good with pressure in his face. However, the Raiders have the second fewest sacks in the NFL, leading only the Jaguars, so expecting pressure isn’t exactly something Raiders fans should count on. Additionally, McFadden is due for a breakout game, and if he is going to have one, there is no better time or opportunity than now! The Raiders need him, and he is going against the 30th ranked run defense in the NFL, he has no excuses if he can’t run well today. This is a very winnable game, the Raiders must avoid costly turnovers, and come to play with the same relentlessness that they had last week against the Falcons, only this time, we need them to finish!

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