Oakland Raiders Fail to Pull Off Upset in Atlanta


Photo by: Daniel Gluskoter/Icon SMI

The Oakland Raiders just played their second best game of the season in week six against the Atlanta Falcons, but unfortunately for the Raiders, it wasn’t enough for them to capture their second victory of the season. With the demoralizing loss, the Raiders now have an abysmal 1-4 record and they are now in a hole that just may be too deep to get out of. This loss was their best fought loss of the season, but was demoralizing because the Raiders squandered an opportunity to upset one of the leagues goliath’s in their own backyard.

The game was ended on a 55-yard field goal by Matt Bryant, but looking at the squandered opportunities is just tough for any Raiders fan to swallow.  In the first half the Raiders got within the 5-yardline, but were unable to get into the end zone and they were forced to settle to Janikowski field goal. And prior to halftime, Carson Palmer connected with Denarius Moore for a 25-yard touchdown and the Raiders had a 13-7 lead at the half. But the second half is where everything went downhill, the Raiders were outscored by the Falcons 16-7, and as a result, they leave Atlanta with so much left on the field.

The biggest disappointment of the day was Darren McFadden’s inability to produce for the Raiders running game. He had only 70 yards on 27 carries, and it was the backup running back, Mike Goodson, who looked like the better back. Goodson finished with only 4 carries, but amassed 59 yards on those carries and added a 37 yard catch and run to his day. I am not saying or even suggesting that Mike Goodson is better than McFadden, but I am hopeful to see more of Goodson in the upcoming weeks, and believe he could take some of the carries that Michael Bush left behind.

The Raiders schedule does get a little easier with the Jacksonville Jaguars coming to Oakland next week, but as Raiders fans know, nothing ever comes easy for the Oakland Raiders.

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