Raiders Need To Score Big in Denver This Week

It’s no surprise that the Raiders win this past week against the Pittsburgh Steelers shocked many in the league as well as outside it.  Oakland was able to stay strong and get good plays together to hold out for a victory.  They will need to do that again this week as they head to Denver to take on Peyton Manning’s new team, the Broncos.  If Carson Palmer can move the ball up and down the field and their defense can pressure Manning, this week could see a second straight win for the team.

Carson Palmer has been looking like how he did back in his Bengals dies, which is great for a Raiders team that has been light in the quarterback position for the last few years.  He can move the ball with great ease and find players that many believed could not get the job done for constant big scoring plays.  If he can keep this up in Denver, the Raiders have a real shot of not only covering the +6.5 points the NFL odds are giving them, but also taking home the victory.  He will need help from the defense, though.

The Raiders D has looked terrible this entire year, which has seen them give up more than 85 points in just three games.  They need to fix some major problems going forward, starting with their pass rush.  If they can put pressure on a relatively rusty Peyton Manning, he will more than likely start throwing interceptions like in the Atlanta game from week 2.  If not, things could turn ugly really quick for Oakland this week.  They will need to play tough to overcome the Broncos this week.

Staying strong on both sides of the ball will be what helps the Raiders pull out a win in week 4.  If they can not do this, then look for a blowout in Denver this week.

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