Raiders Look To Win In Sunday’s Divisional Match-Up

When it comes to making NFL picks in 2012, the Oakland Raiders are quickly becoming one of the biggest headaches in the league.  They looked like the worst team in the league in week 2 against a decent at best Miami Dolphins team, yet were able to pull out a hard fought victory against the Pittsburg Steelers just this past Sunday.  They will need to dig deep in week 4, because they are traveling to the Mile High City to take on Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

The Raiders biggest problem this season has definitely been their defense.  The team allowed the Dolphins 35 points with an inexperienced quarterback as well as let Philip Rivers put up 22 in the season opener.  This is not good for a team that has to take on one of the most decorated quarterbacks to play the game in Manning on Sunday.  They need to make some adjustments in the secondary if they wish to make this game anything but a blowout.

Luckily for the Raiders offense, however, the Broncos D has not been looking so hot as of late either.  Both Atlanta and Houston scored regularly on them in the past two games.  This looks to be a trend Carson Palmer can capitalize on with weapons such as Darren McFadden.  If they can get the run game going early on, they will certainly be able to to make some big time play action passes later in the game.  Palmer is known for his rocket arm, so things should get interesting if the defenses fall apart and the game is left in the hands of him and Manning.  This game could become a shootout, which should be very entertaining.

At a +6 advantage going into a game against a team that has lost twice in a row, the Raiders look like a tempting bet this week.  Just keep in mind the fact that they have been increasingly inconsistent this season before you place your bets.

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