Raiders Need To Bounce Back on Sunday

Week 3 was the continuation of a long tradition of being let down for Oakland Raiders fans.  The team looked absolutely horrible against the Miami Dolphins and just could not get the job done.  They need to stay the course on offense as well as figure out what is wrong with their defense if they do not want a repeat of what happened with the Dolphins against the Ben Roethlisberger led Pittsburgh Steelers.

All things considered, Carson Palmer did look solid this past week in Miami.  He managed to put up almost 400 passing yards with a touchdown while only throwing one interception.  This was not enough to stop the Dolphins from laying an immense beat down on the team, however, and the game ended in a blow out.  Palmer and running back Darren McFadden know how to get the job done on the offensive side for the most part, it is the defense that will need to make some changes to be able to withstand the Steelers on Sunday.

Currently, the Raiders defense is the second worst ranked in the league.  That just simply will not fly if they wish to not get embarrassed by Pittsburg in week 4.  They allow way too many running yards which gives way for the secondary to get flustered and allow big yard passes.  Getting a more focused approach is the only way the Raiders will be able to kick their season into gear and start racking up a few wins going forward.  Otherwise, we could see a lot more blowouts at their expense.

Your NFL picks for the Raiders/Steelers game this week looks like a lock for Pittsburgh, but the Raiders could surprise many.  Making sure they get their defense in line before they take the field is the ultimate key in making Sunday successful for them.

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