Oakland Raiders growing pains against Miami Dolphins


Photo by: Zumapress/Icon SMI

The Oakland Raiders were humiliated today against what most football fans call the worst team in the NFL for the second time. The Raiders’ 35 – 13 loss to the Miami Dolphins is undeniable proof that the Raiders were ill-prepared for today’s game. After a disappointing home game loss to the San Diego Chargers last Monday the Oakland Raiders the Oakland Raiders were routed by the Miami Dolphins again with Reggie Bush seizing the day to impress a chanting crowd of Dolphin Fans. Reggie Bush ended up with 26 carries, 172 yards and two touchdowns and Rookie Quarterback Ryan Tennehill also had a decent showing with a career high 91.0 pass rating, a touchdown pass, and went 18 for 30 for 200 yards along with a 14 yard touchdown pass to Anthony Fasano giving the Dolphins an optimistic look into the future.
The Raiders defense seemed consistently absent as they got pounded by the Dolphins’ relentless offense and Running Back McFadden seemed to struggle with Offensive Coordinator Greg Knapp’s Zone Blocking Scheme while Reggie Bush and fellow Dolphins took advantage of the Raiders’ sloppiness to set a stage for what could be a good season if they keep up the steam. In today’s game the Raiders had no takeaways; Darren McFadden only had twenty two (22) yards rushing, nineteen (19) receiving, and Quarterback Carson Palmer throwing for 373 yards.
The Raiders camp will have to take some time to reevaluate their game plans and performance before facing the Pittsburg Steelers next Sunday. The Raiders will also have to evaluate the health of players such as Shawtae Spencer (Corner Back) who sprained his foot in the second half of the game and Taiwan Jones may be out with a hurt rib. They will have to recuperate and reevaluate its strategies for upcoming games and determine whether to let go of hopeless game plays or reshuffle its line up for a chance at having a better showing.

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