Chargers vs. Raiders

The final game of the Week 1 regular season schedule in the NFL will feature the Raiders hosting their divisional rival the Chargers. Oakland has looked good in spurts this preseason, but they come in as +1 underdogs in the NFL odds to the visiting Chargers. Will a full offseason of Carson Palmer under center have the effect Raider Nation is looking for? Or, will the Chargers come in as they have done many times, and beat Oakland.

I don’t mean to sound blunt here, but the Raiders are not good when they play San Diego. The Raiders have lost 14 of their last 17 games against the Chargers. The last time a visiting Chargers team has lost at Oakland was 2010. You have to go back to 2003 to get the next time.

Needless to say, this game means as much for pride of Raider Nation as it does for the win column. The NFL is clever with their scheduling. They know we catch onto these things like the Raiders bad record against the Chargers, and they give it to us on Week 1.

There has almost never been a better time for a win in this rivalry, as the Chargers may be down this season. Oakland and San Diego both have to deal with the Peyton Manning problem this season, but that is not what they are worrying about now.

If Carson Palmer can control the ball and not throw many interceptions, this game is extremely winnable. Even though the Raiders struggle on defense, as long as Darren McFadden stays upright all four quarters and as long as Palmer doesn’t turn the ball over, this should be a victory.

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