Raiders Look For Bounce Back Win Against Undefeated Packers

Coming off an embarrassing l0ss to the Dolphins, the Raider travel to Green Bay to take on the undefeated Packers. This is a match-up nightmare for the men in Silver & Black and it could not come at a worse time.

With the loss last week, the Raiders fell to 2nd in the AFC West and getting back to winning against the Defending Super Bowl Champs will not be an easy task.

On offense, Carson Palmer has to do a better job of leading the offense. If its one thing that the Packers are bad at, it’s defense. The Packers defense gave up 447 yards of offense, 347 coming through the air against the Giants last week..

The Raiders can try to win in two ways, 1) Try to run the ball and control the clock and hope your defense can make enough stops or 2) win in a shootout. If the Raiders choose the run game method,  look for Michael Bush to try to get back on track and run the ball better than he did against Miami especially with Darren McFadden missing his 6th straight game due to a foot injury.  However, I think the Raiders may be forced to go with the alternative option of a shootout because the Packers offense is just too good. If that is the case, this is where Palmer needs to step up and play like an elite quarterback, you know the one the Raiders traded for.

On defense, the key factor is obviously stopping Aaron Rodgers. I don’t know if stopping is the correct word here so maybe more like slowing him down will be a better fit. With Rodgers and his multiple weapons, the key is not to let them get in a rhythm. Look for the Raiders to bring pressure and if the pressure can’t reach Rodgers, then the Raiders are in for a long day.

Outcome: The Raiders stay close early but the Packers pull away in the second half and win 35-17.

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