Week 4: Duplicate Week 3 Success

The Raiders host the Patriots in week 4 and look to improve to 3-1. The Raiders can be looking at 3-0 heading into the this week if they would have held off the Bills in week 2.

The Raiders (2-1) will take on their 3rd AFC East opponent this season when they play the Patriots. The Raiders rushed for over 230 yards last week and look to continue that running attack against the Patriots. The great Patriots offense actually gives the Patriots defense a pass because people don’t realize how bad their defense is. Darren McFadden and Micahel Bush will have a field day on the ground.

On offense the Raiders must stop Tom Brady and Wes Welker. If the Raiders can stop the passing attack then this game will be close. The defensive line has to get pressure on Tom Brady and can not let him throw all day.

Key to Victory: Raiders Offensive Line vs. Patriots Defensive Line – If the Raiders can control the clock against the Patriots and keep Tom Brady off the field look for the Raiders to be in this game until the end.

Outcome: The Patriots win this game in a narrow margin –  24-17

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