Week 1 Recap and Week 2 Preview

Well the Raiders looked shaky against the Broncos. They were able to run the ball as Darren McFadden rushed 150 yards on 22 carries. The main concern is the passing game. Jason Campbell went 13/22 for 105 yards. Granted that’s not what you want from the passing game, Campbell managed the game very well. The key stat here is that Campbell had no turnovers and the Raiders won the possession battle. They were able to start with great field advantage on most drives and capitalized on those opportunities.

On defense, the Raiders rush defense was fantastic as they held the Broncos to only 38 yards rushing. The pass defense was also good. They gave up 272 yards on defense but won the all-important turnover battle. They recovered two fumbles and intercepted Kyle Orton once. Any time you can win the possession and turnover margin then you set yourself up for a win.

Week 2:
This week the Raiders visit the east coast to take on the Bills who last week took out the Raiders rivals in the Chiefs. Are the Bills for real? I don’t know but we will find out more this weekend.

The key to the game is the Raiders pass offense and pass defense. I’m still not sold that the Raiders are a legitimate contender (3-5 on the road last season and not good outside of the division). They need to improve their pass offense so if Darren McFadden has trouble running the ball then the Raiders have a pass offense that can keep the Bills back from bringing the heat.

I think the Raiders won’t have a problem stopping the Bills rushing attack but stopping the Bills passing attack will be the key to success. I know this is the Bills but going 2-0 before the Jets come to Oakland in week 3 can be a great step to a big season for the Raiders.

I see the Raiders winning the game in a wild high scoring game. They win 35-31

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